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To the Moon and Back

Reaching for the Stars

19 October
Jack of all trades, master of none! I'm a 20-something creative person with too many hobbies and not enough time spent socializing. I have a bachelor's in illustration and a minor in Japanese language. I currently work in the scrapbooking/crafting industry as a content designer. I enjoy casual [RPG] gaming, both tabletop and PC, reading, creative writing, drawing, music, sewing costumes, and studying languages and cultures.

My webcomic-on-hiatus can be found here: Dream Like Destiny

My webcomic-in-development can be found here: Muse: the Hero Next Door (sorry there's not much there yet!)

My art can be found here: Kabochan on deviantArt

My writing can be found here: illustar or caer_awen under the tag "author: kabochan"
aang, airbending, archaeology, art, art history, arthurian legend, astronomy, atton rand, avatar: the last airbender, big bang theory, bleach, book of mormon, books, c.s. lewis, canderous ordo, carth onasi, castles, celtic, celtic folklore, celtic history, celtic knots, celtic music, comic books, computer games, computers, corel draw, cricut, ctrl-alt-del, daniel jackson, design, dexter freebish, disney, dollhouse, dr. horrible, dragons, drawing, elfquest, elizabeth moon, elves, england, europe, faeries, fairy tales, fantasy, film, final fantasy, firebender, firebenders, firebending, firefly, flying bison, foreign language, france, geology, grace van pelt, greek mythology, green, green arrow, halloween, harry potter, himym, history, hk-47, homestar runner, horses, illustration, invincible, jack o'neill, jane austen, japan, japanese, john sheppard, jonas quinn, kamelot, kendall cho, kotor, kotor 2, labyrinth, lds, legends, libraries, lord of the rings, manga, medieval, medieval fantasy, mentalist, mormon, morrowind, movies, music, mythology, naruto, new york, nihongo, old buildings, online comics, paint, patrick jane, phoenix requiem, photoshop, popcorn, potatoes, prince zuko, rain, rainstorms, reading, renaissance, revan, rodney mckay, role playing, roleplaying games, ronon dex, rpgs, samantha carter, science fiction, scotland, singing, smallville, snowflakes, sokka, spider-man, star wars, stargate sg-1, superheroes, swords, symphonic metal, tamora pierce, teal'c, thunderstorms, tolkein, travel, trees, twilight, vertical horizon, video games, waterbending, wayne rigsby, webcomics, welsh, world of warcraft, writing, x-men, zuko